Baby, Beyonce

Youtube/Getty Images

Like mother, like daughter is good. Like Beyoncé, like daughter is better. 

Luckily, three-year-old Heaven King has inherited moves from both her mom, Atlanta dancer Tianne King, and Queen B herself. Just watch this video of then-two-year-old Heaven performing Bey's "End of Time" choreography with her mama.

Oh, and snatching wigs of dancers 10 times hers age in the process.

For comparison's sake, here's Beyoncé performing the choreography:

Nailed it.

In another video, Heaven introduces herself and says, "I like to dance." And Tianne knows that there can never be too much of a good thing: Here is Heaven dancing to "End of Time" again. And here she is dancing to "End of Time" again.

Never forget the original baby Beyoncé though:

Uh, we mean:

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