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The theme of today's Spoiler Chat: Big Bads.

Yes, we're focusing on some of TV's villains, including what Once Upon a Time fans can expect to see from the recently-introduced teen baddie Peter Pan, as well as a new threat coming to Beacon Hills on Teen Wolf. Plus, a new bully will be coming to McKinley High on Glee and a dark turn from a Homeland fan favorite. But don't worry, it's not all villain-related scoop, as we've also got spoilers on New Girl's cheating scandal, How I Met Your Mother's new wedding guest and a new blast from the past on Sleepy Hollow...

Joan: I loved the Masters of Sex pilot, but I especially loved the supporting characters, like prostitute/test subject Betty. What's next for her?
Betty's role in Dr. Masters' study is about to get a little more significant as he's forced to move said study into her brothel, but her hospitality comes with a couple of somewhat surprising requests. Just don't expect the doctor to immediately respond with kindness, or tact. Despite the nature of his studies, Bill has some serious sex-related hang-ups to work through, and his interactions with Betty seem like just the tip of that iceberg. Bonus spoiler: Sexy Dr. "Eric Northman Wannabe" Langham is back in episode two, but unfortunately he's got clothes on. Sorry!

Storybrookecity: Need some OUAT scoop!
Let's focus on season three's big bad Peter Pan, shall we? We will learn how he became the twisted person he is today and some familiar names will definitely factor in, like Tinkerbell, who we will meet in episode three. "We try to have a spin on it that's a little different than what you expect, and also there's a connection to some of our characters that you've already met," Adam Horowitz teases. "And as for the Darlings, they're so integral to the Peter Pan story. We have not forgotten about them and there is a connection and a tie into what we're doing with them as well."

Jessie: HIMYM spoilers would be much appreciated!
John Lithgow is bringing along a very special guest when he makes a return appearance as Barney's Dad: A wife! Fans will meet Cheryl, Barney's super sweet stepmother who is bringing along two kids of her own.

22fearless22: please girl can I get some Glee scoop?!
One order of hot Glee scoop coming on up! Looks like someone in NYC is getting a tattoo as the show is currently looking to fill the role of Louis, a hip and cool tattoo artist. Back at McKinley, a new jock/bully named Robbie will be making life very difficult for one of the glee kids. Both will appear in episode five.

New Girl, 2013

Fox/Alexei Hay

Kara: Please tell me Schmidt makes a decision soon on New Girl! No one likes a cheater!
The whole Cece-Schmidt-Elizabeth love triangle will definitely come to a head (and an end) in tonight's episode, with Nick and Jess both getting involved. A junk-punch or two will be thrown. Also: have tissues ready to be cried into.  

Kelsey: Homeland question! I can't believe Saul sold out Carrie like that! Will she ask him what the hell is wrong with him in the next episode?
More or less. Definitely more. But by the end of the second episode, Saul will have done something much worse to Carrie, and we're not sure if those two will ever get past his actions. Plus, Carrie (who is slowly unraveling), will confront the writer who wrote the story about her and Brody's relationship to try and get some answers on the leak. And you'll never guess what she finds out…

Keegan: January is so far away! Any Teen Wolf scoop to tide me over until then?
Sheriff Stilinski is getting some help! A new deputy will be coming to Beacon Hills in season 3B named Deputy Parrish, who is pretty young and very goodlooking.(Someone goodlooking on Teen Wolf?! How strange!) But Parrish isn't the only newbie coming to town as Nogitsune, a malevolent man with inhumane movements will also be introduced. Bonus creepy factor: He speaks in riddles!

Loving Sleepy Hollow, especially Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane. What's coming up for my favorite time-traveler?
We'll be meeting his former bestie! In episode seven, we'll be introduced to Abraham, a British-American colonist, via flashbacks to 1774. Abe (Yes, we're already on nickname terms with him, get over it) is quite the fighter, especially when it comes to fencing.

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