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Last night, Breaking Bad ended with a bang. And a billion tweets. So even if you didn't watch all five seasons of AMC's Emmy-winning drama, after wading through all those live tweets on your feed, you probably still have an opinion on how it all ended. And your opinion matters.

Most of Twitter—the barometer of snap judgments—loved the finale. Patton Oswalt loved it, Rosie O'Donnel loved it, Ann Coulter loved it (we think? She tweeted, "#BreakingBad shows the importance of having a gun in the home." OK...) 

But some people hated it. Here are 11 of them:

Well. You can't please everyone.

A lesson Lost cocreator Damon Lindelof probably knows better than anyone. Lindelof and his writing staff were some of the firsts to face the pressure of ending a true television juggernaut in an era of social media, rabid fanboys and an all-consuming obsession with the watercooler.

Jack saves the Island (we think). The smoke monster dies (right?). And everyone lives happily ever after (maybe). Or they were dead the whole time (maybe?). Or they were dead just some of the time (uh...).

As the credits rolled on the B.B. finale, Lindelof, a self-proclaimed Breaking Bad superfan, has been mobbed with mean-spirited tweets comparing how the curtains closed on both series.  "How do worthless f--kheads like you get hired when there are people with actual talent like Vince Gilligan around?" one particularly angry tweeter wrote, which Lindelof retweeted. 

But again, not everyone bought into the Twitter hive mind. Here are 15 people who liked the Lost finale better, thankyouverymuch:

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