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Welcome back to the Hamptons for another cruel, cruel summer!

Though we're officially in fall (Pumpkin Spice Lattes for everyone!), things are just heating up on Revenge, where Emily (Emily VanCamp), Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) and the rest of the gang are getting ready for another season filled with drama, murder, and, of course, revenge.

After slightly stumbling in its sophomore season, we're happy to report that the ABC sudser is back to its delicious season one glory in the season three premiere tonight at 9 p.m. Not only are many of season two's missteps swept under the rug, but the show kicks off with a bang literally as Emily is shot in a flashforward to her wedding day. Yikes! But before we look at the future, let's take a look back at where we left off before the summer hiatus. Plus, we've got scoop on what's to come in season three...


Rest in Peace: After losing his father and the mother of his children, Jack lost the last member of his family in the season two finale. Declan (Connor Paolo) died from injuries he sustained when Conrad (Henry Czerny) blew up Grayson Global, thinking Jack was inside. Dec was able to record a goodbye message to Jack on his cell phone before passing and it made us cry all the tears. Of course, this lead to the series' most important moment thus far: To stop Jack from killing Conrad, Emily finally told him that she is really Amanda. Game. Changer.

Big Bad Be Gone: "There is no Initiative." So said Conrad of season two's mysterious corporation that seemed to be behind everything bad that has ever happened in the history of things. Combine this with Dec's death and we're pretty sure Conrad is the worst. Oh, and he was able to pin the bombing on Nolan (Gabriel Mann), who found himself in jail. Not cool, yo!

Long Time No See: After we learned that Victoria had a long-lost son, we knew he had to pop up eventually, and pop up he did in the finale! Alas, we didn't see his face.

SCOOP: Adien is sleeping  with [spoiler] is season three!


Love Triangle Drama: Picking up months from the season two finale, Emily hasn't seem Jack (Nick Weschler) since telling him the truth, but the two will come face-to-face in the premiere. "They're definitely not on good terms," VanCamp previewed. "She's desperately trying to help him understand where's coming from and where this is all coming from and why she's doing it." Weschler simply added, "It's not good." And Aiden (Barry Sloane), Emily's other love, is still very much in the picture, with Sloane teasing, "I'm sure there will be a lot more fireworks."

Sleeping with the Enemy: Though Emily is torn between Jack, she's still engaged to Daniel. But don't worry, Aiden will be keeping busy. "Aiden this season has a very dark energy. He's sleeping with the enemy, so it's going to be an exciting thing," Sloane told us. "I'm working with Madeleine a lot which has been fantastic. Oh! I might've just given that away!"

Nolan Has Some Fun: Ems won't be the only revenge-seeker dealing with some issues in the love interest department. Gabriel Mann teased that season three will have "a new love interest for everyone! All the guys are naked this season; it's just bananas!" So who is Nolan's new love interest? "I can't tell you who, but you're going to meet someone very early in the season that I will be getting very close to. I think Twitter is going to explode when it happens."

Son of a Beyotch:The excitement for Patrick's official debut was cranked up to 11 when Smallville hottie Justin Hartley landed the role. While chatting with us on set, Hartley teased that Patrick is something of rarity on the show: "You know what I like about him? He's a good guy and he's not back to do anything other than be a good guy." Suuure. But Hartley would admit that Patrick may be hiding something. "It's not all maybe correct, but the story is he's been paid off to stay away and then he's come back," Hartley said "Then you find out there's a twist." Stowe added, "It's going to be a little bit of a mystery in terms of who he really is."

A Swift Exit: The season three premiere will also serve as an ending for one Revenge original: Ashley (Ashley Madekwe), the Grayson's social-climbing PR girl. "I've LOVED playing Ashley Davenport but after 2 seasons there is no longer a story left for me to tell…" Madekwe tweeted after the news of her exit broke.

Revenge returns tonight at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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