Alec and Hilaria Baldwin sure do make for one happy—and healthy—couple!

Not only did the pair recently welcome baby girl Carmen, but it turns out they also practiced yoga together to prep the mama-to-be for a healthy delivery.

We already knew Hilaria, a yoga instructor, struck prenatal poses while pregnant, but we had no idea she got her hubby to get in on the action, too.

But in fact, the former 30 Rock star makes a cameo in the bonus segment of the yogi's Fit Mommy-To-Be Prenatal Yoga DVD, which is slated to be released Oct. 1.

Alec takes a supporting role in the fitness DVD, gently applying pressure and helping out with stretches that are intended to ease pregnancy aches. 

"Sometimes I step into his world, and that was an example of him stepping into my world," Hilaria told Vanity Fair of her costar. "He very much did what I wanted him to do. [Laughs.] I was the boss that day. We're both very bossy people, and that day he let me be the boss."

But Baldwin takes his backseat role in stride, jokingly saying, "It's nothing" with a sly smile when Hilaria thanks him for his help in the video.

And it seems all of the couple's partner poses paid off, as Hilaria shared she experienced a pretty speedy delivery.

"I'm a big believer in yoga, obviously, but I didn't really realize how lucky I was to have done yoga during pregnancy until my delivery," she told the glossy. "I pushed my baby out in 45 minutes, which is pretty good for a first-time mom. I think it was just because the core and pelvic muscles that you use during yoga were vital to the pushing momentum."

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