Martha Stewart, Francesca

Stars get frustrated with Apple customer service, just like us!

In fact, Martha Stewart decided to take to Twitter to vent her frustrations after her iPad screen cracked.

"I just dropped my iPad on the ground and shattered two glass corners. What to do? Does one call Apple to come and pick it up or do I take it?" she wrote to her followers.

But the domestic mogul's patience waned as she waited for someone to advise her on how to solve her technical dilemma.

"I'm still waiting for an apple rep to come pick up my IPad. No action yey," she added. "Maybe I have had a good entrepreneurial idea? Apple Now? Like same day delivery from Amazon? I think I am on to something. Same day fixit!!!"

It soon became clear to Stewart that she needed to solve the issue by taking her device into an Apple store.

Five hours later she tweeted, "Is it time to put out the fires and admit I was just pissed off at the fact that my precious ipad shattered and I wanted to make light of it."

But the incident clearly still ruffled a few of Stewart's feathers as three hours after she wrote, "i cannot believe that Apple Public Relations is mad at me for tweeting about my Ipad and how to get it fixed! steve jobs gave it to me!"

Best. Name. Drop. Ever?

But her rant didn't end there.

"I wish I could explain everything here on twitter about the broken IPad, the stolen IPhone, the silly joke about repairs and my frustration," she tweeted. "But it is impossible so I will deal with it all silently and hope that apple will fix everything so I can function again with proper tools."

Stewart stepped outside of the Twitterverse and called into the Today show to chit chat about her whole ordeal on Friday morning.

She insisted that she wasn't attacking (or fighting with) Apple and that she genuinely was unaware that the tech company didn't offer house calls.

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