Naomi Watts


We know Naomi Watts is a busy working mother who just finished shooting what may be the biggest movie role of her life, so we understand if she doesn't feel like getting fully dressed.

But this look makes way less sense than just throwing on some sweats. We can't make heads or tails of it! Where exactly is she going in all these layers? From the looks of it, four very different places.

Let's try to understand The Impossible star's impossibly busy day using her fashion context clues:

Those sneaks suggest she went for an early morning run and the yoga pants support that theory. Maybe it's a double fitness day? Next there's the curiously bright peach sweater cute enough for a quick lunch with a friend. We just hope it's somewhere the Aussie actress' legs can be fully covered. Then we have a giant plaid overcoat suggesting she's headed somewhere freezing, bright shades suggesting the exact opposite, and a giant camo bag fit for literal military training.

Sorry. Still can't figure it out, but we're inclined to call this a "Mom moment" and leave this multi-tasker alone.

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