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Ten seasons in and Grey's Anatomy is just as addictive as ever...just ask creator Shonda Rhimes!

"Ten seasons. Still love my job," Rhimes tweeted. "Actually love it even more now." And can you really blame her?! Heading into tonight's two-hour premiere, we're anxious, excited, terrified, elated, worried, etc. Basically, Rhimes and her team of hot docs at Grey-Sloan are making us feel all the feels...and we love it.

A whole lot of drama went down at the end of season nine, so we don't blame you if your memory is a little fuzzy when it comes to the details, like which couples split, whose life was in danger, who had the most adorable baby ever, etc. Don't worry, we're here to help. Here's everything you need to know before tonight's big premiere. Plus, we've included scoop on what's to come!


Two Couples Split: Longtime couple Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Owen (Kevin McKidd) finally called it quits after they couldn't get past that whole wanting-to-have-kids issue, while Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) also broke up after the latter's affair with Lauren (Hilarie Burton) was exposed. At least Jo (Camille Luddington) and Karev (Justin Chambers) stopped being idiots and finally smooched!

McBaby Is Here: Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) finally fulfilled their civic duty by procreating and giving the world one of the cutest babies ever. (We're already jealous of Bailey's bone structure.) And yes, MerDer named their baby after Bailey (Chandra Wilson)! Awww!

Chief Down...For Good?!: The season finale ended on a doozy of a cliffhanger as Dr. Webber (James Pickens Jr.) was found lying on the wet floor of the hospital's basement after trying to turn on the generators during the storm. Yes, our dear Chief was electrocuted and possibly dead. Sob!


Fallout From the Storm: When we asked what she's excited about for season 10, Rhimes answered, "the overarching story of what's happening with the storm because I think it's important to continually challenge our doctors in terms of what they are doing and what they can do." So no timejump here, people!  "We start up in the premiere immediately at the end of the finale," Sarah Drew spilled.

Rocky Romance Road: Relationship drama? On Grey's Anatomy?! Shocking stuff, right?The 'ship most on the rocks heading into season 10 is Calzona, after season nine's big cheating scandal. "Callie is enraged, she's devastated, she's broken-hearted, and understandably so. And basically doesn't hide it from the hospital," Ramirez told us, adding that the couple has "a lot of work to do."

As for the series' other couples? After finally kissing in the finale, Luddington teased that Jo and Karev will definitely be in a relationship, saying, "She and Karev have kind of just declared their love, so they have an entire season of exploring that." Huzzah! And April will "be in the midst of this love triangle for a while," Drew said. "I really do think that Matthew is better for her. Better for her, more right for her, better on paper. But her heart is drawn to Jackson. I think she really does love Matthew as well, but she can't figure out who she's more in love with." But the guys aren't going to put up with April's flip-flopping for long. "There might be a little bit of like, 'Really? You need to work your s--t out!'"

A Sad Goodbye: One of Grey's original docs will be clocking out by the end of the season. Sandra Oh announced in August that she would be exiting the series after nine seasons.

"It's been a great privilege to play the character of Cristina Yang on GA and I am both sad and excited to see where this, her final season will take her," she said in a statement, while Rhimes added, "we're both going to savor every moment of Cristina Yang and then we're going to give her the exit she deserves. And when Sandra walks out of my door, Grey's Anatomy will be once again be forever changed." But what about Cristina and Owen?! All Rhimes told us is that the fan favorite duo will be "grappling with what it means that that they broke up. And it will be emotional."

Hold us, we're scared!

Grey's Anatomy premieres tonight at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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