Jon Hamm

Yes, it's true that Jon Hamm will undergo throat surgery next week to remove a large polyp on his vocal chord. However, during a Wednesday, Sept. 25, appearance on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the 42-year-old Mad Men star addressed some of the rumors regarding his health.

"I've got a polyp on my vocal chord. It sounds worse than it is, although it doesn't sound as bad as how the National Enquirer reported it, which was that I was coughing up blood and probably have cancer," Hamm said. "I was like, 'That's good to put that out there. Thanks guys.' Because you know, I cough up blood—never."

The news scared Hamm's sister, who called him to verify the story. "'We just read that you're probably going to die,'" the actor quoted his sibling as saying. "I was like, ‘What? When? Who have you been talking to?'" All kidding aside, the TV star assured host Jimmy Kimmel that "it's a very routine procedure."

On a less serious note, Hamm also talked about the star-studded Emmys afterparty he co-hosted on Sunday, Sept. 22. "Amy Poehler and myself got together and decided that we've lost enough Emmys that we deserved to hold the right to throw a losers party," he said. "To be fair, we were also throwing this party and we were both nominated. We were very secure. But there were way more losers than winners, and we had a bunch of great people."

As previously reported by E! News, Hamm confirmed that winners were still permitted to attend. "You just had to leave your hardware outside and you had to pay $1,000 to charity," he explained.

Hamm also revealed that he will begin filming the final season of Mad Men on Nov. 4, though he has no idea how the series will wrap up. "I've gotten sort of broad strokes as to how it will end," he admitted. "I'm actually okay with that. We don't know how our lives are going to end. I apparently will die of cancer, according to the National Enquirer. Soon! And I wouldn't want to know that."

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