Kanye West, Jared Leto

Getty Images

Sometimes even being the "No. 1 rock star on the planet" isn't enough to get Jared Leto to work with you.

While chatting with the BBC, the 30 Seconds to Mars frontman recalled how he was once approached by Kanye West to direct a music video, but ultimately had to pass due to scheduling issues.

"I've been asked by various people to direct videos. People like Kanye West have reached out and that's always really flattering, but it's hard to find the time to do that for other people," Leto said.

He added, "Usually, when I make a video, directing, editing, production, it takes me months and months and months. It's not really a short-term affair. So, I tend to not really have the time to do it for other people."

But Leto insisted that he's definitely not opposed to collaborating with other artists like West in the future.

"It'd be fun to, at some point. You never know," he said.

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