New Girl, 2013

Fox/Alexei Hay

Nick (Jake Johnson) and Jess (Zooey Deschanel) are finally a couple on New Girl. Full-fledged. Now what?

That is the daunting question the writers over at New Girl have to ask themselves every day, and we have an exclusive look at how they'll be approaching Nick and Jess' storyline, as told by writer and executive producer Kay Cannon.

The journey continues with tonight's episode (written by Cannon), which will show off more of Nick and Jess adjusting to their new status.

"I think this episode was particularly hard," she says. "Jess and Nick are together and we wanted to tell a story that wasn't about their relationship but was about their relationship. My first draft was about them knowing too much about each other."

That premise has since been changed, and as you'll see in some footage from tonight's episode, Nick and Jess are still figuring things out. And it's awkward, but in a totally adorable way.

"Every episode is sort of like figuring out how their new couple-y dynamic fits within the loft," Cannon reveals. "It's exciting. It's also new terrain for us, so it's hard to figure out exactly how far we can go."

To hear more about tonight's episode and the future of Nick and Jess, watch the exclusive video below.

New Girl airs Tuesday nights on Fox!

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