Brooke Shields

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

It's been awhile since we've thought about that quirky character on the box of our favorite childhood cereal, so we're grateful to Brooke Shields for taking us back to the '90s. We're just not sure Brooke is going to be so happy with the association...

Forgive us, but the Army Wives star practically looks like she's wearing a Count Chocula Halloween costume! Though, we'd recommend more of a widow's peak hair piece and some plastic fangs.

Of course, vintage cereal villains aside, this column gown isn't doing much for the statuesque star. The color may be a nice nod to fall but without any embellishments it's a bit drab. We do like the detail of that right shoulder train, but given the all-brown fabric it just takes us right back to the chocolate connection.

We say no to this, despite the awesome trip down morning meal memory lane. What's your take?

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