Kate Beckinsale

ChinaFotoPress/ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images

Apparently not everyone made it to the 2013 Emmy Awards. Kate Beckinsale, for example, was busy attending to some press events in 1963!

We're not sure why the Underworld: Awakening star stepped out looking like a character from Hairspray but the comparison is uncanny. Either some kind of time machine is at play or the British beauty is promoting the wrong film!

It would be one thing if this look was limited to a pencil skirt and vintage-style cropped top, but it's way beyond that. Kate is wearing old movie-star pumps in a old-school palette and to top it all off, her hair is in a total beehive! It's as if someone passed her a fake memo declaring that the swinging '60s were back in a big way.

Or maybe she just assumed no one would be paying attention on account of last night's awards show? Come on, Katewe have eyes in the back of a red carpet focused faces...aka 24-hour Internet access.

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