Emmy Dresses Front Door

You stay classy, Hollywood!

Red carpet wardrobe malfunctions are so common now it's shocking when an event goes by without one.

Well, prepare yourself, because that's exactly what happened last night. At the 2013 Emmys preshow there wasn't a nip slip, a too-high thing slit (aka the Angelina leg), an accidental underwear flashing (sometimes referred to as a Marilyn Monroe moment) or even a peek of side boob.

In fact, yesterday was the antithesis of this year's Cannes Film Festival in which several A-listers fell victim to a few peekaboo mistakes.

Sure, it definitely helped that Miley Cyrus and Rihanna weren't in attendance. But it also appears that stars have got the memo that in this day and age one teeny mishap and you become an instant GIF or meme. So they came prepared and, yeah, elegantly covered up.

OK, mostly. Tina Fey did have that one teeny onstage snafu, but she nailed it on the carpet, so we're giving her a pass.

After all, it only happened because she was giggling as she accepted her brand-new Emmy—so not only is she still a winner in our book, but she also got the last laugh. Literally.

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