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Lindsay Lohan has been the talk of the town lately, what with leaving rehab and being spotted with a potential new man. But what does her dad have to say about her?

Lindsay's father Michael Lohan chatted with Ross Mathews on this week's episode of Hello Ross, and didn't hesitate to let Ross and the audience know just how Lindsay is doing these days.

"Really, really, really well. I'm very proud of her," Lohan told Ross. "I haven't seen her doing this well in eight years."

Ross, being a Lohan fan, brought the hard-hitting questions: "Are you part of the solution or part of the problem?" he asked, concerning Lindsay's sobriety.

"I think at one point, I was part of the problem because of things going on in my life," Lohan responded. "I think Dina and I were both part of the problem because of the divorce, and Lindsay was dragged into that."

And what of Lindsay's rumored new boyfriend, Matt Nordgren?

"I'm not supposed to say," Lohan said, refusing to answer for his daughter as to her relationship status. "But I hear he's a really great guy, I can say that."

Later in the show, Ross was joined by guest Kathy Griffin, who was unabashedly excited about her appearance on the show. In fact, she gave the audience a round of high-fives when she came out!

That was proceeded by a "pose-off" between her and our favorite host. "This is the one that everyone does on the red carpet," Ross said, showing off his best forward-bending, thinning pose. "Do I look skinnier?"

Hello Ross

Ross and Griffin also regaled the audience with a story of their trip to a Glee concert...but not a concert with the cast of Glee, just a Glee Club performance at Burbank High School.

"I drove myself there, which is an embarrassment because of my fame," Griffin joked.

Catch another all-new episode of Hello Ross next Friday at 10/9c, only on E!

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