Selena Gomez, Teen Choice Awards

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Where's the sweet Wizards of Waverly Place star we knew and loved?!

Looks like Selena Gomez has gone through quite the transformation since her starring role in Spring Breakers. Once you spend six weeks playing a bad girl in a bikini all style bets are off. At least we hope that's all that's to blame for the Getaway star's super sexy black get-up...

This over-sized fur vest on top of a skimpy tank makes the former Disney star look totally fierce. And sure, we've seen shorter skirts, but not ones that also feature a serious side slit.

Frankly we're just happy to see the Come & Get It singer wearing sensible shoes and carrying a giant hand bag. That way if anyone messes with her she can whack them like an old lady would and make a quick, clean "getaway".

Starlet or Streetwalker? Let us know in the comments!

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