Cate Blanchett

Victor Boyko/Getty Images

2,4,6,8! Who do we appreciate?! Let's just say it's not the designer behind Cate Blanchett's cheer tool skirt...

We typically love the whimsical designs of Prabal Gurung, but this one takes us right back to long, cold days on the sidelines of the football field. The Blue Jasmine star obviously didn't spend her co-ed days in a pleated skirt or she would have never chosen this pom-pom bottom. So then, why in the world did she??

We can only assume that Woody Allen's latest leading lady thought the white and red feathers looked more like a peacock's skirt, or maybe a can-can dancers design? We could also get behind her feeling like a pretty feather dusterjust like the funny french character from Beauty and the Beast!

Unfortunately here in America she looks like she's wearing a giant pom-pom for a skirt, and the fact that we're in the middle of football season isn't helping.

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