Kate Bosworth

Steve Jennings/Getty Images

We hate to sound somber, but whose life is Kate Bosworth honoring in this total funeral attire? Hopefully the answer isn't her life as a formerly stylish celeb...

We're shocked to see the Big Sur star totally covered up in this depressing black palette. Yes, the Stella McCartney design hugs her frame, but the knee length, long sleeves and high neck make it way more fit for a sad church service than a A-lister's red carpet event.

Of course, Kate could make a burlap bag look chic, so her flowing locks and bright red lip somewhat save this look. We're just of the opinion that a statement necklace or bright shoe would take it from boring to bold. At this rate, if the newlywed steps into a dark room, all we'll see is a floating head!

Classic as it may be, we have to say, "make it stop!" to all that black. What's your take?

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Do you love or hate Kate's funeral-ready fashion?
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