Sophia Bush

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Sophia Bush is not only beautiful and talented, but she's also smart, savvy and totally inspiring!

When she's not acting, the brunette beauty uses her public image for good—actively championing for causes she's passionate about. 

We sat down with the 31-year-old actress to get the scoop on what's currently on her radar. Here's what she told us!

What causes are you passionate about right now?
For me, it's always education. Globally and here at home. Schools across the country are currently experiencing funding cuts affecting arts programs, classroom supplies and more. The Give With Target program aims to give $5 million dollars to schools that need it via social voting through the Target Facebook page.

What is your favorite fashion item right now?
In the summer, it's always a pair of classic Ray Ban aviators. I have them in rose gold with chestnut lenses, all black on black, and silver with fiery orange mirrored lenses too. It's safe to say I have an obsession.

What are your favorite beauty or grooming products?
I love Ahava's Dead Sea mineral line. They have an incredible hydrating serum, which is great for me because I travel constantly, so my skin is always in need of moisture. At night I use their mineral moisturizer all over my face. I also love COOLA sunblock and lip balm with SPF. I try to be diligent about sunscreen, and these are paraben and phthalate free. I like having a chemical-free base on my skin, before I get into applying makeup and whatnot.

And what are you currently playing on your iPod?
The Lone Bellow. Johnnyswim. Penguin Prison. Kid Astray. Nikki Minaj and Ciara. And The Glitch Mob.

Do you have a favorite restaurant in LA?
My friends and I are having a serious moment with ramen. We've been hitting all the good spots in town, from downtown to the west side. Ramenya is particularly amazing.

What is your favorite meal?
My favorite meal of all time? That would have to be good gnocchi. Gjelina makes some of the best I've ever had. And whenever I order it at Dan Tana's, they do a very clean version for me. Tossed in roasted garlic and olive oil. It's insanely good. If we're talking a really healthy meal, I love just about every salad on the Tender Greens menu. That place is amazing.As for snacks, I'm slightly addicted to avocado toast with sea salt. And I'll always love celery and peanut butter!

Do you have a signature drink or cocktail?
I drink bourbon or whiskey. Neat. Basil Hayden's and High West are my favorites. If I'm in the mood for something lighter, I'll go for Corzo tequila on the rocks with a splash of soda and a couple of limes. Much more refreshing than a margarita.

Do you have a favorite app on your phone? 
Path for my family. Instagram for everyone else.

What about a favorite TV series?
Chicago P.D., followed closely by Chicago Fire, of course!

What is the best beauty secret?
Wash your face at night! Every night. Even when you really don't want to.

What is your fitness secret?
I need one! Honestly, I try to stay active. But I'm not perfect. And I'm not obsessed about it. There are too many other things I love to do.

The coolest thing I recently purchased was…A birthday gift for my boyfriend. I love finding meaningful gifts for the people I love.

What is your guilty pleasure? Shopping.

The fashion look I cant wait to rock is…A new trench from Burberry. I'm eyeing the one with the hearts on it.

Do you have a celebrity style crush?
Kate Bosworth
Zoe Saldana
and Emma Stone. Those ladies are just flawless with their fashion choices. And all smart as hell. It's an incredible combination.

What is your favorite designer or store?
I live for A.L.C. and Isabel Marant. And I keep up with the latest, no matter where I'm traveling, by ordering online from Forward by Elyse Walker.

My signature fragrance is…For Her by Narcisco Rodriguez. I've worn it for as long as I can remember. No matter what other scents I've tried, I always go back to this one. Something about it works perfectly with my body's chemistry. It's full, strong, sensual, and powerful. Yet there is a softness to it. A double-edged sword, if you will.

And there you have it! 

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