Wait a gosh darn second—was that a nipple?!

Glee star Naya Rivera's debut single, "Sorry," which features her rapper boyfriend, Big Sean, hit iTunes today, and along with that release came the kinda NSFW lyric video for the track (lyric videos are all the rage these days). However, it takes a couple of seconds to realize that the actress turned singer's sorry-I'm-not-sorry anthem is actually pretty racy!

At first, all you see is a black background with the words to the song appearing in white, and you might think to yourself, "Really? Three and a half minutes of this?"

Then you get a flash of a collarbone or a belly button or bare breasts and you come to the realization that the lyrics are being flashed over the silhouettes of women's naked bodies. Whaaaaat?!

And suddenly, you're paying extra-close attention to the video. Kudos, Naya. Kudos.

By the end of it, the viewers watch as nearly a handful of ladies in their birthday suits participate in a dark dance party.

Rivera was nowhere to be seen in the lyric video, but she recently showed a little bit of skin herself (not as much as these girls, don't get excited).

The brunette beauty posed with her beau for celeb photographer Terry Richardson, who shared a bunch of the pictures on his Twitter. It's not clear what the purpose behind the photo shoot was, but Rivera's wearing the same outfit as the cover art for the single, which she posted on her Twitter page.

In one of the super-sexy shots, Naya is standing next to Big Sean wearing black sneakers, itty-bitty shorts and a tiny black crop top that flaunts her amazingly toned abs and some major under boob.

Just going out on a limb here, but we're guessing she's not sorry about it.

Originally published Sept. 17, 2013 at 2:18 p.m.

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