Tom Mison, Sleepy Hollow

Brownie Harris/FOX

He's handsome. He's talented. He's English.

Need we continue to list the reasons why Tom Mison, whose new drama Sleepy Hollow debuted last night, is one of our picks for the 2013 fall TV season's breakout stars? Actually, there's no need for the "breakout" as the dude is a star. Sorry, Johnny Depp, but Mison has officially taken the title of hottest pop culture Ichabod Crane away from you.

After watching the Fox series' debut, we're sure you're dying to know just about everything you can about Mison, which is why we asked him to fill out a personality quiz. In it, he reveals his first TV crush, which other TV show he'd love to guest star on (He has very good taste, by the way) and his "haunting" twerking ability...

Nicknames: T-Mis

Website You Check Every Morning: io9 and The Guardian

Current Pop Culture Obsessions: I wear corduroy and you ask me about pop culture?

Hidden Talent: Probably my twerking. It's haunting.

Top Five Most Played Songs On Your iPod: At the moment: "Golden Age" by Woodkid, "Default" by Atoms For Peace, "The Beat Goes On" by Buddy Rich, "I Belong in Your Arms" by Chairlift and "Allez Allez Allez" by Camille

Your First TV Crush: Michaela Strachan from The Really Wild Show

Which Other TV Character Could You See Your Character Dating: Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham

If You Could Guest Star On Any Other Show: The now confirmed Breaking Bad spinoff, Better Call Saul

Favorite TV Snack: Sweet potato fries

If My Costars Had to Describe Me In One Word, It Would Probably Be: *Sigh*

Fill in the Blank: I'm Most Excited For [Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.] This Fall

Sleepy Hollow airs Monday at 9 p.m. on Fox

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