Chase, Taylor Swift, Concert


You have not seen pure joy until you've seen Chase Easterwood's reaction after learning that she is en route to see Taylor Swift in concert. 

"We hadn't told my daughter that we purchased Taylor Swift tickets," her mother, Carly, explains in the video's description. "She thought we were just going to dinner...when we were actually on the way to the concert."

Carly turns bright red, then gets teary-eyed and finally lets out one last "Yeeeeaahh!" for good measure. The whole time, she's adorable and, as many have noted, so polite.

Carly's uncle posted the video on Reddit, where it quickly gained traction, with one user exclaiming, "Oh man, this makes me so happy. Even I'm hyped for the concert!"

(Us too! We hope T.Swift sang "Love Story" and "22" and wore something sparkly! And that Chase loved every second of it, though we have a feeling all of the aforementioned happened. And if Chase's screams on the way to the concert are any indication, both of her parents may be deaf now.) 

Others have started planning the next steps in Chase's viral fame: Getting her video to Ellen DeGeneres, who never passes up an opportunity to introduce viral stars to their icons.

Even Taylor Swift haters hopped aboard the love train: "If Taylor Swift is capable of bringing that kind of joy to a kid," one Reddit user posted. "Then she's alright in my book."

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