BACHELOR PAD, Chris Harrison


By all accounts, Chris Harrison did a stand-up job co-hosting the 2014 Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on Sunday, Sept. 15. Even so, that didn't stop the audience from turning on the 42-year-old after he cut off Miss Florida Myrrhanda Jones during the interview portion of the program.

In order to keep the show moving, Harrison politely informed Jones that her time was up. The crowd started booing, but as The Bachelor host explained, "It's a timed answer! Don't make me the bad guy!"

The jeers grew louder, but Harrison took it in stride. "Alright, I'm the bad guy," he relented. "Bring it on." Co-host Lara Spencer put her arm around Harrison as he asked viewers to weigh in on the competition via Twitter.

Harrison addressed the incident via Twitter later that night, writing, "I'm near Philly they must know I'm a Dallas boy! #MissAmerica @dallascowboys."

Jones finished as the third runner-up, while Miss New York Nina Davuluri was named Miss America.

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