Sarah Jessica Parker

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When you think Sarah Jessica Parker, you think shoes.

That's kind of how it works when the actress spent almost a decade playing a high-heels obsessed New Yorker (aka Carrie Bradshaw).

And while we know Sarah and Carrie are very different, one thing they do share is a fierce love of Manolo Blahniks. So much so that SJP is releasing a collection with the CEO of the brand. One that she had hands-on involvement in creating. Well, hands and nose it turns out.

According to at a preview of the line, the actress invited editors to smell the shoes.

"She loves the smell of shoes," Manolo's President George Malkemus and Sarah's business partner shared. She further explained: "You know that makes a difference, when a shoe isn't well-made, it doesn't smell good," Parker explained. "Not that it really matters…but all those details really add up."

Sarah Jessica Parker, Sex and the City


So what kind of details can we expect in her new collection?

"I really wanted to bring back the single sole," the actress shared. "What I really wanted to do was give those colors, regardless of the trends, to women in beautiful shapes, and at affordable prices. But still keep the quality. Because if we're talking about a few hundred dollars, those are hard-earned bucks, and they better be good."

Not to worry, she actually means a "few" hundred. The entire line rests under $500 with prices ranging from $150 to $400.

And yes, Sex and the City fans will be thrilled to know there will indeed be a "Carrie" shoe. But you'll have to hold on just a little longer before you get to take a literally walk in your favorite character's heels as the collection won't hit Nordstrom stores until January of next year.

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