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Move over, Friday, 'cause we're more excited for Spoiler Chat these days! In today's column, we've got a fresh batch of scoop on the return of a slew of your favorite shows, including romance and BFF updates on Revenge, a possibly illegal romance on The Mindy Project and two newbies you'll be meeting on Supernatural. Plus, we tell you why you cannot miss the first five minutes of Parks and Recreation's season premiere. Oh, and there are spoilers on Parenthood, Suits and more. So go forth into the weekend armed with juicy TV scoop...

Keegan: Loving all the Teen Wolf scoop, so keep it coming!
Get ready to see DILF Argent before he was a DILF! We'll see Argent back when he was 18 in a flashback to when he was in a heated battle with a kind of evil not yet seem on the series. Also in the flashback? A Yakuza warrior. Hmm…

Kerry: Please tell me Nolan will get a juicy storyline this season on Revenge! Maybe a new love interest?
"I think when we meet Nolan in season three he is not trying to remember names or take numbers. I think his heart has been broken," Gabriel Mann teases. "I would say being a love interest to Nolan is very dangerous endeavor; they usually end up dead or in a mental institution. So I feel sad to anyone that gets too close to him, but it's not going to stop them." And while Nolan's new love interest won't be revealed in the premiere, we can tell you he and BFF Emily share a lot of adorable scenes.

Tyler: The wait for the new season of Supernatural is getting pretty unbearable. Got any spoilers to tide me over?
In episode seven, which is titled "Heaven Can Wait," fans will be me meeting two new characters: Nora, a cute hardworking single mother who owns a convenience store, and Ephraim, a creepy supernatural entity that thinks he can help people, but his powers can also swing the evil way. Viewers can expect to see Nora pop up more than once in season nine. (Anyone else's love interest senses tingling?)

Aisha: Loved the Amy Poehler interview! She is my queen. Do you have any more Parks and Rec scoop?
Sure do! We just watched the season six premiere, and it's probably going to be one of your all-time favorite 22 minutes of life ever. And we're only slightly exaggerating. Before the opening credits you will find out the status of Ron and Diane after her pregnancy bombshell, and needless to say, Ron takes the news extremely well. In fact, you will see Nick Offerman smiling more in those five minutes than you probably have over five seasons.

Mindy Kaling


Tyler: What do you have this week, Mindy Project experts?
Another day, another new love interest for Mindy. Only this time, her relationship gets her in serious trouble. Mindy's new boyfriend happens to look a little on the young side, which wouldn't be a problem except when they kiss on a playground, a police officer actually believes that Mindy is harassing a child. Probably not the best way to start off your new relationship. The new BF in question? Ben Feldman's character Jason, who is an Arts & Culture writer and a Breaking Bad hater.

Poe: Kind of over Juliette and Rayna's rivalry on Nasvhille. Is there anything else in season two besides more of that storyline?
Juliette will set her sights on someone else, and as expected, it won't be pretty. When Juliette goes on tour, she has a new opening act whom is a bit too popular for her liking, and she's willing to do a lot of sneaky things to ensure that the up-and-comer stays down-and-out for the time being, Meanwhile, fans of Rayna and Deacon will be happy to hear that things between them will take a turn for the better by episode seven.

Karyn: Another day, another Chat without Suits spoilers. Unacceptable! Make it up with one killer tease!
Fine, fine, since you asked so nicely. (Can you feel the sarcasm radiating from your screen?) "I will say that Rachel's decision for law school changes the game tremendously for Rachel and certainly for Mike," Meghan Markle spills. "There is a tease for you!" Boom, you're welcome.

Britt: Counting down the days until Parenthood makes me cry again, so premiere scoop would be fine by me!
Things are looking rough for Amber and Ryan as a long-distance relationship proves to he more challenging and emotionally exhausting than our girl anticipated. But here's a good sign: An upcoming episode is called "The Ring." Hm...could that be related to this engagement story we posted earlier this summer?

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