Right at this moment, there's 700,086 seconds left of the game and the time keeps ticking away!

Monday night's premiere of The Million Second Quiz was huge and hundreds of thousands of you have been playing the game on your computer, on your phone and on your tablet. Ryan Seacrest kicked things off in New York City at 8/7c and the game has waged on ever since.

Heidi Klum, Jimmy Fallon, Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie and The Voice's Blake Shelton have all joined the fun and asked a question during the shows!

If you're not familiar with how it's played (you should be!), the quiz is the ultimate test of trivia and endurance. You face off in Bouts of 10 questions each; the winner of each Bout earns points and control of the Money Chair. Rack up enough points and you qualify to become a potential Line Jumperwhich means you could be selected to be whisked to New York to play live on NBC for a huge cash prize!

You can watch the game being played 24/7, check out a live stream of the top winners in "Winners' Row" and join in the fun by playing the game at NBC.com. It's the first time something this interactive has ever been done on TV and people are loving it.

Check out the video above to see Blake Shelton ask his question and watch the video below to see another clip from the show!


The show airs again tonight at 8/7c on NBC and will be airing every night this week at the same time. Tune-in and play along at www.nbc.com/million-second-quiz/!

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