Charlie Hunnam


Leave it to Charlie Hunnam to make carrying a Styrofoam container look sexy.

The actor was spotted on the set of his FX hit Sons of Anarchy earlier today, giving the camera a hey-look-I'm-a-badass face after arriving on his motorcycle wearing layers of baggy clothes.

And, of course, that only makes us that much more excited to see him as Christian Grey (if he looks that good wearing zipped-up sweaters and jeans, can you imagine what he'll look like in a tailored suit? Exactly.)

Hunnam instantly became one of the most-buzzed about actors after landing the lead role in E L James' Fifty Shades of Grey adaptation, and his bike-riding costars couldn't be more thrilled for the star.

"We're very happy for Charlie. If Charlie's happy, we're happy," Hunnam's onscreen mother Katey Sagal told E! News. "We love Charlie. He'll be great." Sagal's husband Kurt Sutter, the creator of the gritty FX drama, adds, "He's a movie star. We've known that for a while."

"Charlie's the man for the job," Maggie Siff, who plays Charlie's onscreen wife, tells E! News. "He's really not afraid of taking on big challenges. I really think he's going to step that movie up. It's going to be exciting."

Meanwhile, Kim Coates, who plays Tig, an adversay of Hunnam's character, added, "I'm proud of him. I really am proud of him. He's an amazing actor. I'll be there at the premiere. I can't wait to see his work."

But also mentioned, "I don't want to see him naked and everyone else does, so that's fine!"

You stand alone, sir.

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