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Prepare to ride again, Sons of Anarchy fans. Season six premieres tonight!

But before you get excited about the FX drama series returning to your small screen, we must insist you adequately brace yourself for the most violent and emotional Sons of Anarchy season ever.

We talked to Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Maggie Siff and the rest of the cast about the upcoming episodes, and not only did they reveal how violent season six will be (even compared to Sons standards), but they warned us that there will be big deaths that will rock the SAMCRO world.

"I really do believe it's the best and going to be the most satisfying season for the fans that we've done so far," Hunnam told us during the season six premiere party. "In the classic storytelling of the three act structure, it's always the third act that becomes the most exciting because it's where all of the revelations come out; things have to be concluded. And then the violent story tends to be when people start to die and that's certainly the case in this. So this season we're gonna certainly have to say goodbye to some more members of this cast and that's been an emotional thing."

Paris Barclay adds: "Some things will be revealed, but most things will unravel unexpectedly and lead us careening like we're on this rollercoaster and the tracks have loosened. This has been the most chaotic, vitriolic and violent season we've ever done and I hope the fans like it as much as I do."

Sons of Anarchy, Donal Logue, Ron Perlman

Prashant Gupta/FX

As for the females on Sons, one woman will be in a great place in the beginning of the season, while the other leading lady will be in a not-so-great place.

"I think this season for [Tara] is going to be really exciting. She left things in a pretty dark place with Jax and Jemma and that kind of continues through the season and she's really on her own," Siff revealed. And speaking of Jemma…

"If there was a good place to be in, Jemma is in the good place," Sagal said. "She's resolved herself with Clay, she's moved on to her new boyfriend. She's got her son at the head of the table, which is really what she's always wanted. She starts off pretty happy. But things quickly deteriorate!" Of course they do. We wouldn't expect anything else from SoA.

To hear more from Ron Perlman, creator and executive producer Kurt Sutter and more Sons of Anarchy castmembers, watch our exclusive interviews below! 

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