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Coaching the cheer squad at McKinley High is apparently a pretty lucrative gig.

Jane Lynch's soon-to-be ex-wife is requesting $93,809 per month in spousal support from the Glee star, according to court documents obtained by E! News.

Lynch filed for divorce from Lara Embry in July, about a month after they revealed that they had split up after three years of marriage. (After tying the knot in Maine, they registered their union in California as a domestic partnership on July 10, 2010.)

The ladies did not have children together, but Embry, a therapist who had a practice in Florida before relocating to California, has an 11-year-old daughter, Haden.

And she also has some hefty monthly expenses, per an income and expense declaration dated Sept. 4.

While Embry's filing leaves the costs of items such as mortgage, home maintenance and utilities marked as "unknown," listed monthly expenses include $12,000 for entertainment, gifts and vacation; $6,500 for clothes; $5,000 for charitable contributions; $4,500 for dining out; $4,000 for education; $1,500 for child care; etc.

All told, her listed monthly expenses amount to $40,900. (Sections for children's health-care expenses, special hardships and other extras were left blank, so perhaps the unaccounted-for $52,909 is to cover the as-yet "unknowns.")

In a declaration in support of a request for attorney fees, also filed last week, Embry's lawyer, Susan Wiesner, stated that her client would need at least $100,000 to fully present her case to the court and an additional $45,000 in accountant's fees.

"Although [Lynch] enjoyed moderate success as an actress prior to the parities' marriage, her income has increased exponentially since she began receiving income from appearing on Glee" and has a monthly income of $234,688 a month to dip into, the filing states.

And though spousal support that will total more than $1.3 million a year seems like a lot, Lynch was apparently fully aware that she would be legally obligated to share her Glee spoils following the breakup of her marriage.

"I think its the law, isn't it? I think its the law, so I go with the law!" she told a paparazzo today when she was quizzed about Embry's request today following lunch at a West Hollywood café. 

And in a sit-down with Billy Bush last month, she said that negotiations were moving along and "it's just money."

California "is a half and half state, as well as it should be," Lynch said, "so that's fine."

Lynch, who was previously best known as part of Christopher Guest's go-to mockumentary ensemble and the Starz series Party Down, scored her third Emmy nomination for supporting actress in a comedy series this year for Glee. She won in 2010.

—Reporting by Baker Machado

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