Diane Kruger

Hannes Magerstaedt/Getty Images

There would be a lot less complaining about the uniforms if Catholic school girls got to wear what Diane Kruger is wearing.

This lacy romper is both fully-covered and totally revealing thanks to some very carefully placed suspender straps. We're not sure if The Host actress is wearing anything under that sheer black lace, but with this tricky top covering her, we'll probably never know!

Our issue with this Jill Stuart design is that it makes the German-born jet-setter look way too young. Minus the lace, this look is fit for a four-year-old. Yes, the pointy pumps are sexy (and impossible for a tot to toddle around in), but the simple wavy hair and totally playful clock purse only reinforces the little girl look.

We love that Diane is a risk-taker, but we don't love this particularly risk she took. What's your take?

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Do you love or hate Diane's sexy school-girl look?
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