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George Kotsiopoulos knows a thing or two about dressing to impress for any outing. The style expert offered us tips for occasion-based dressing, including for a first date and girls' night out:

1. Jewelry: "Anything slightly sparkly will do the trick to add a little twinkle to your overall look, but a tiny and interesting piece of personal jewelry is always a great conversation starter," said George.  "Maybe you want him to come in for a closer look at your necklace?"

2. Shoes: "The wrong shoe can put a serious damper on the evening so plan ahead!  Know how much walking you will be doing," he advised. "If you're going dancing, then make sure you are in 'dancing' shoes. There is nothing less chic than watching a woman teeter around in heels she obviously cannot walk in or even worse, on her bare feet because she couldn't stand them anymore!"

Gold Dress, Gold Pants

3. Outfit for Date Night: "For date night you want to flaunt your assets but maintain a sense of mystery at the same time," George said. "Nothing too low, too short or too tight. You want to give him something to look forward to."

4. Outfit for a Girls' Night Out: "Ladies present themselves in one of two ways for a girls' night out: Either they can dress for other women in the funkiest of fun fashions or they can dress for the men in the slinkiest of sexy styles. It's all about who you want to be that evening and what your ultimate goal is," he said. 

5. Pre-Party Soundtrack: "My taste in music is all over the place and ranges from smooth to screeching," George said. "[Go with] whatever you're in the mood for."

6. Night Out Tips for Guys: "Always be a gentleman and always remember that the young lady you are chatting up is someone's daughter or sister. Being respectful never goes out of style and it will make you irresistible," he said.

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