Cookie Monster, Tom Hiddleston


Did the Cookie Monster just get schooled by Tom Hiddleston? You better believe it!

In an adorable video clip released this week from PBS, the iconic Sesame Street character and A-list actor come together for some good ole-fashioned snack time. But instead of just munching on cookies and milk, Hiddleston has a valuable lesson to pass on to his new friend.

As soon as the Muppet monster smells the delicious treats, he begs for a bite. "Me happen to smell something," he says as he stares down his favorite snack.

Instead of handing over the delicious treats, Hiddleston decides to turn the temptation into a valuable teaching moment.

"I want to share it with you, but this one's mine," the actor says as he tries to explain the concept of delayed gratification.

"It's hard for monster," Cookie Monster says. "Please, have pity on monster. Please break cookie. Me waited."

After a few minutes of patience, the Sesame Street star is rewarded with not one, but several chocolate-chip cookies. See kids, look what happens when you wait your turn.

Hiddleston's latest video comes just a few short weeks after the Thor actor was caught showing his softer side at Disney's annual D23 Expo.

While promoting his upcoming film, The Pirate Fairy, the 32-year-old professed his love of all things Disney by singing "Bare Necessities," a classic song from The Jungle Book.

A man that cares about Disney and Sesame Street? What's not to love?!

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