Justin Bieber, Chris Brown


Justin Bieber and Chris Brown are clearly keeping their bromance alive.

A few months after posting an Instagram pic showing the "Fine China" singer wrapping an arm around his shoulder, Biebs shared another shot on Thursday, Sept. 5, of the two hanging out together.

"Breezy spray painted my half pipe. He's super dope," the pop star wrote as the caption.

In the photo, the pals stand side by side at the top of a skating ramp after Brown put his artistic skills to use on it.

Of course, it doesn't come a complete surprise that these guys have maintained a friendship.

In addition to collaborating with Bieber on the song "Next 2 You" in 2011, Brown did a radio interview in April, during which he likened the media's often-negative treatment of Bieber to his own.

"I pray for him, I pray for myself," Brown told Power 105.1's Breakfast Club at the time. "I think we both go through it, because we're great artists and he's a big artist to his fans."

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