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What do Fifty Shades of Grey and the royal baby have in common?

Well, according to Jesse Metcalfe, a whole lot!

The actor spoke with E! News exclusively at the BCBG runway show Thursday morning in New York's Fashion Week and explained that both have been surrounded by controversy and hyped-up hoopla!

When asked for his reaction upon hearing the recent announcement that Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson were cast as the lead roles in the highly anticipated film adaptation, Metcalfe had nothing but nice things to say.

"Now that they finally got these two great actors we can finally move on," he said. "I support both pieces of casting. They thought outside the box for once in Hollywood. I think we will always have backlash and sometimes we will not be able to make everyone happy."

He also likened the attention surrounding the casting decisions to the buzz about Prince George's birth over the summer.

"It was kind of like the royal baby," he said.

"Charlie is really coming into his own and finding his stride in his career. He is a total stud, no question about that. I love him as a TV actor in Sons of Anarchy and I've seen Pacific Rim and thought he was great on the big screen," Metcalfe gushed.

Dakota Johnson, Charlie Hunnam

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He added, "Casting Dakota was a very unexpected choice. I think she is an up-and-comer but they certainly saw what they needed to see."

Even though Metcalfe fully supports the casting directors' decision to name Hunnam as the lead role in the flick, he admitted that he wouldn't think twice about taking on the coveted character himself.

"If given the chance to play Grey, I would in a heartbeat!" he admitted.

And that isn't the only surprise casting that the former Desperate Housewives hunk is getting behind.

"I also support Ben Affleck for Batman," he said. "I think he is going to be great. I think Batman should have that charm and sense of humor and I think Ben is going to bring that in spades."

Nothing but love here!

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