Kim Kardashian, Blonde, George Papanikolas

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Blond hair, don't care?

Not if you're a brunette beauty undergoing the dramatic transformation of becoming a lighter haired gal!

At least, that's according to celebrity stylist George Papanikolas, who recently helped transform Kim Kardashian into a blond bombshell.

"I do not suggest anyone going blonde on their own if they are doing a drastic change, as so many different things can go wrong here and the last thing I want to promote is someone ruining their hair," Papanikolas cautioned when speaking with E! News.

So, perhaps leave such a serious makeover to the pros.

But even then, Papanikolas suggests doing your homework!

"My rule of thumb is research," he advises. "You need to look through hair colors that inspire you and then you have to take into consideration if this is something that you are able to maintain."

Indeed, upkeep can be tricky when the contrast between one's natural hair color and their dye of choice is great, but Papanikolas suggests following in Kim's footsteps for those worried about constantly having to make trips to the salon.

"A great tip is to go for hair that is low-maintenance, which is what Kim has done by allowing such a modern root," he offered when asked about options for busy moms like Kardashian. "You also want to stick to products that are easy for you to use like treatments in between shampoo and conditioner."

We're betting client Kardashian is following Papanikolas time-saving tips to maximize her time with her little bundle of joy North West!

—Reporting by Lindsey Caldwell

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