Ikea Money, Russian Hopping Monkey


From the Internet that brought you the Ikea monkey comes...

Another adorable monkey in a jacket!

Surely you all remember Darwin, the stylishly dressed monkey in a dapper little shearling jacket and diaper who wandered an Ikea parking lot in Canada before entering the store to find his mom.

You remember because he went insanely viral. Now meet Ivan:

Ivan stars in the video (H/T Laughing Squid), which shows him frolicking in the snow while wearing an adorable little green coat, an adorable little scarf and a pair of adorable little snow pants.

The comments on the video range from curiosity ("Where the hell did you get a monkey?") to delight ("my life is complete) to outrage ("That is so wrong on so many levels that I don't know where to start.")

Ivan's mother, Svetlana Akishina, took to the comment section to defend herself on the latter claims. Akishina says that Ivan was born in Russia (where they currently live) and they've had Ivan for five years, so they consider him a part of the family.

"Before you feel sorry for him, be aware that they need to walk as children," Akishina writes. "Even in winter." She also says he's not kept on a cage, has learned to spoon-feed himself and wears a diaper that must be changed upwards of 10 times a day (gross).

You can watch more videos of Ivan on Svetlana's YouTube channel.

As for Dawin, after shopping spree at Ikea, he was brought to a primate sanctuary, as it is illegal to keep monkeys as pets in Canada, and now apparently has a girlfriend, a baboon named Sweet Pea. 

And you thought this story couldn't get any cuter.

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