Kim Kardashian, Blonde

Brooks / Splash News

Kim Kardashian's new blond look isn't just lighter—it's shorter and more layered, too.

Chris McMillan, who also happens to be Jennifer Aniston's go-to hair guru, talked to E! News exclusively about Kim's cut.

"I brought up her length and layered it around her face to grow her bangs out," Chris said. (As you dolls will recall, North West's mom got bangs back in March.)  "The swooped up-and-over bang is kind of what we're doing with her, too—very '80s-ish."

"It's a bit asymmetrical [and] Cindy Crawford-esque," the stylist added. "The color only helps make that more amazing."

And Kim's colorist, George Papanikolas of the Andy LeCompte salon, said Kim's wanted to go blond "for a long time."

"I've been coloring her hair for a year," said George, "and she's wanted to go blonder since the day we met."

As for what Kanye West thinks of his brunette love transforming her tresses? "He loves it," said Kim's colorist. "He was a big cheerleader for her to go blond."

Well, blondes do have more fun!

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