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WARNING: There are MAJOR spoilers ahead from Sunday night's all-new episode of Breaking Bad! Read at your own risk!

Hell hath no fury like a Lambert sister scorned!

This week's all-new episode of Breaking Bad, "Buried," featured a plethora of jaw-dropping moments as we prepare to say goodbye to this masterpiece of a series. From a meth lab slaughter, to Walt's (Bryan Cranston) desert dig, and Jesse's (Arron Paul) money-fueled merry-go-round ride, like always the never ceases to keep us on our tippy-toes.

However the episode's most heart-wrenching moment definitely belongs to Skylar (Anna Gunn) and Marie (Betsy Brandt) when their conversation escalated from a timid talk to a relationship shattering, baby-tug-of-war scream-fest. 

Following the episode, Aaron Paul and Anna Gunn chatted with Chris Harkwick on the Breaking Bad after show, Talking Bad, and the stars spilled their thoughts on all the new drama and danger of the final season, and we snagged all their most insightful sound bites for you!

At the episode's peak, "Buried" featured an extremely tense scene between the Lambert sisters as Marie confronted Skyler with the questions of Walt's checkered past. Gunn reveals that emotions were at an all time high on set that day, especially when Marie tried to wrench little Holly out of the White household.

"It was for both Betsy and I really heartbreaking because her motive was extremely strong to get that baby out of there, she believed in that. My motive was obviously very strong to keep my child there," Gunn says. "So it's an awful place for her to be, but obviously that's her child and she is going to fight like hell to keep her child in her house."

Breaking Bad

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Earlier in the episode, in an overwhelming diner conversation with Hank, Skylar chose to stand by her meth-making man and not disclose any incriminating details. Gunn says that she thinks Skylar's solidarity was out of love. "I've always felt that there was a deeply buried love that stayed behind the whole thing," the actress says. "I think that if she hadn't felt that, my feeling is that she would've turned him."

On a completely opposite note, Paul says that Jesse doesn't have a single ounce of love for Walt right now, especially after learning that Mike has "taken a trip to belize." The 33-year-old actor spills on the Walt/Jesse relationship saying, "I think it's pretty damaged, I don't think there's any sort of turning back. He wants to stay as far away from that man as possible."

The Breaking Bad star reflects back on the Jesse Pinkman that we first met saying, "You could see from the very beginning Jesse when you first meet Jesse he just seems like this kind of lost kid, druggie burnout but as more layers were revealed he was really just on a constant search of some guidance." 

Paul explains that Jesse's friendship with Mike was very special and he blames Walt for taking that bond away from him. "He wanted a fatherly figure he was desperately holding on to Walt to give him that, but he wasn't really getting it. And when Mike and Jesse were paired up, it was a good team and he felt comfortable there and he felt somewhat safer than hanging out with Walt in a way."

Looking ahead, we only have six new episodes of the finale season of Breaking Bad. (Cue the dramatic music and cries from the audience!) So when asked if  the actors were satisfied with how the series ends, Gunn was quick to give a whole-hearted, "Absolutely."  

"When I read that last episode I was astonished, as I was when in the finale of every season." Gunn continues, "I could not believe how authentically and how truthfully it came together and I felt that it was astonishing that every single character ends the way that they should."

Don't miss the final season of Breaking Bad Sunday nights at 9 p.m. on AMC!

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What did you think of this week's episode of Breaking Bad? Do you think that Skyler will continue to keep Walt's secret? Will Hank be able to squeeze the truth out of Jesse? Cook up your thoughts in the comments below!

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