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Katherine Jackson took the stand today in the wrongful death trial of her late son, Michael Jackson.

"The most difficult thing is to sit here in this court and listen to all the bad things they say about my son," the 83-year-old told a jury on the 12th week of testimony in her case against AEG.

She was in court wearing a purple floral blazer and purple skirt and watched various footage of her son performing songs, dancing from a young age until adulthood and showing off his famous moonwalk on a video screen.

She spoke about all the things that Michael had done for her over the years—remodeling her house, taking care of her, etc. She also talked about how Michael's children "loved Neverland."

Katherine then admitted that Michael suffered pain from "bad burns," back troubles and his struggles with vitiligo. She said that she knew about Michael taking pain pills, but claimed that she didn't know if he had an addiction problem.

"Sometimes the mother is the last to know," she told the courtroom.

The Jackson matriarch stated that no one could ever ask "for a better son than Michael."

She broke down in tears as she spoke about first learning of her son's tragic death, saying, "They told me, ‘He didn't make it, he didn't make it.'"

Prince Jackson, Katherine Jackson

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Katherine said that Paris kept saying, "Daddy I want to go with you, I can't live without you."

Wiping her face with a tissue and attempting to control her tears, Jackson admitted that the adjustment has been especially difficult on Paris.

"I thought she was the bravest," she told the jury of her granddaughter. "She had a very hard time at first."

During cross-examination, Katherine said it was painful to sit in court and hear what others were saying about Michael.

"It's hard for me listening to how sick my son was," she said. "He was not a freak."

When asked if she understood that all of the witnesses called so far to the stand had been called by her attorney, she said simply, "Yes."

An eyewitness tells E! News that she began to appear tired after a long day of questioning and was dismissed in the afternoon. Katherine's testimony will reconvene on Monday.

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