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Does Kirstie Alley have some harsh words for a former friend?

The 62-year-old devout Scientologist posted a heated tweet on her Twitter page Wednesday, and many are speculating the social media blow was directed toward Leah Remini.

The former King of Queens star announced her decision to leave the Church of Scientology last week.

"When faced w malicious gossip I take a moment to experience the loss of the person I thought was my friend... Then I say f--k em..:)" Alley wrote Wednesday morning, just one day prior to Remini's announcement.

"The sweetest poison is often served with a smile...beware syrup," she cryptically added hours later.

While Kirstie's rep could not be reached for comment, speculation is running rampant the criticism was aimed at Remini, given the curious timing of the tweets in question.

Alley also tweeted from fellow Scientologist Melinda Brownstone's home (who is reportedly Remini's former best friend) the same day she lashed out on the social media site. "I'm at my friends gorgeous house @minmin1008 love hangin here," Kirstie wrote.

The following day, the New York Post reported Remini decided to quit the controversial religion, claiming the 43-year-old actress had been subjected to years of "interrogations" and "thought modification" after questioning the leadership of David Miscavige.

When asked for comment, the Church of Scientology told E! News, "The Church respects the privacy of parishioners and has no comment about any individual Church member."

The Church later added allegations of "interrogations" and "thought modification" are "absurd and pure nonsense."

Remini has since issued a statement thanking fans for their support, telling People mag, "I wish to share my sincere and heartfelt appreciation for the overwhelming positive response I have received from the media, my colleagues, and from fans around the world. I am truly grateful and thankful for all your support."

Alley has always been an outspoken supporter of the religion, and she's even credited Scientology with freeing her from her former cocaine addiction.

Despite the telling tweets, Kirstie took to her Twitter page Sunday to post another puzzling message, writing, "you're so vain..You probably think my tweets are about you ..don't you don't you don't you ? .....they're not."

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