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Savannah Guthrie did point a finger at Matt Lauer on Today Friday...but it wasn't that finger.

"Folks!! That was my INDEX finger! Photo evidence proving my innocence coming! #fingergate #TGIF," Guthrie tweeted today, adding a new mystery-to-be-solved to our society of many -gates, after the Internet lit up with the idea that she flipped off her cohost during a segment about vacuum cleaners.

Lauer joked that it was her first time vacuuming, after which she raised her hand and, according to Guthrie, wagged a friendly index finger in his direction.

Matt Lauer, Twitter


But it was such a close call, even those running the show made a point of going to the videotape.

"I can't believe you doubted me!! RT @Studio1ADon: @SavannahGuthrie We have examined the tape... index finger indeed. #phew," Guthrie continued, retweeting her exoneration from Today executive producer Don Nash. She then tweeted a screengrab "for all you doubters."

Lauer couldn't help but join in the fun, tweeting a pic of himself looking faux-offended and writing, "@SavannahGuthrie Me storming out of the office after after your middle finger salute."

"Ooooh you do look mad #fauxcontroversy," Guthrie replied.

TGIF, indeed. (E! Online and Today are members of the NBCUniversal family.)

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