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"What an extraordinary blessing that we get to show the miracle of Easter on Easter Sunday," says Bible star Roma Downey.

History Channel's hit miniseries comes to an end this Sunday, and it's sure to be an emotional experience for the millions of viewers who have been tuning in.

It was also super emotional and "challenging" for the series' stars, including Downey, Diogo Morgado, the actor who portrays Jesus, and Darwin Shaw. The trio talked exclusively to E! News about the finale, which they call their "best" episode....

"It's a phenomenal episode; It could be maybe our best episode. It's takes us through the crucifixion of Jesus, through the resurrection, the Pentecost, the conversion of Paul, right through Revelations," Downey says of the final episode. "As painful as the episode begins, and it is, it's very hard to watch, it brings us into the hope and the redemptive nature, which is our story."

And while Downey describes the filming of the crucifixion scene as "challenging," it was life-changing for Morgado.

"I don't remember part of it," Morgado explains of shooting the crucifixion scene. "I don't remember the visual part...I have this emotional memory with me. I do remember at one point my whole life was flashing before my eyes, and I really felt like all my life was leading to that moment. It's really overwhelming when you understand you're where you're supposed to be. That's how big it was."

See more from this season's cast of The Bible on tonight's E! News at 7 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.

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