Lana Del Rey—she of bouffant hair, pouty lips and that crooning voice—surprised fans last night by debuting a new video on her Twitter: a cover of the classic Leonard Cohen track "Chelsea Hotel No. 2" (a love song about Janis Joplin, FYI).

The video features a relatively stripped-down Lana, no exploding cars, JFK assassinations or leather daddies in sight, and the end result is quite lovely. But can it top the original?

You decide. Leonard's version, below:

Bonus: If you toggle the two YouTube videos, you can create a duet between the two!

Lana's not the first to cover the brooding single, either. Here are a few more alternatives.

Rufus Wainwright:

Regina Spektor:

In conclusion: Janis Joplin is one, er, memorable lady. Now, listen again and take your pick.

Lana Del Rey Covers
Whose "Chelsea Hotel" is best?
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