Jenna Wolfe

Omar Tobias Vega/Getty Images

Today was a good day for Jenna Wolfe.

That's because the Today weekend news anchor announced on Wednesday's program that she's pregnant.

"My girlfriend, Stephanie Gosk, who works here at NBC, and I are expecting a baby girl at the end of August," she said. "We're really excited."

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Wolfe also noted that she will be blogging about her pregnancy experience.

In her first entry, she wrote: "Two years into a great relationship and we felt like we wanted to share our adventures with a wide-eyed, little person. The more we talked about it, the better the idea seemed. And so in December, we embarked on Operation Baby. And might I just add that despite the morning sickness, it's been the best decision we've ever made."

Congrats, you two!

(E! and NBC are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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