Kate Middleton, Dido

Taylor Hill, John Stillwell/Getty Images

The love keeps coming in for Kate Middleton and Prince William.

"You can't not enjoy them," Brit singer Dido told me while promoting her new album, Girl That Got Away (out today). "They are just so lovely. The wedding, I sat there transfixed, shed a little tear.

"She looked so beautiful," she continued. "It's just lovely. It's a bit of magic. I think she's brought a real magic to the royal family and to England. I have to say it was really, really special."

Dido, who has sold 29 million albums worldwide since her debut No Angel hit the charts big time in 1999, has been off the music scene for about five years, but for good reason. Not only did she get married to husband Rohan Gavin but she became a first-time mom when she gave birth to their first child, son Stanley, in July 2011.

But Dido is back in the music game now. And guess who she's eager to work with?

"I'd love to do a track with Kanye West one day," she said. "I just think he is brilliant. He's a mad genius. I think he's a great rapper and when I was making this album, a lot of the reference in my head actually was from that 808s record. Just the simplicity but also the sort of immensement of it…I think he's clever and really good."

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