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Your favorite shows are returning!

The highly anticipated season premieres of Game of Thrones and Mad Men are just around the corner and we've got juicy scoop on both in today's Spoiler Chat to make the wait a bit more bearable! We've also got spoilers on The Following's daddy issues, the sister mystery on Arrow and Revenge's sure-to-be shocking season finale.

Plus, scoop on The Carrie Diaries, The Mindy Project and more!

Jeaneen: Revenge is getting so good! Any scoop on the season finale?!
How about three mini scooplets? 1. It's a two-parter. 2. ABC will air both parts on the same night. Yep, two-hour finale extravaganza, people! 3. It's called "Truth."

Fred: I don't think I can wait another week for Game of Thrones. Give me any scoop you've got!
Natalie Dormer
, aka Margaery Tyrell, is basically the queen of teases. How do we know this? This is what she said about season three: "[It's] the season of the rise and fall; reversal of fortunes. The people who start off with nothing suddenly get dealt an incredible hand and powers shift considerably and vice versa. There are some really traumatic losses within the show." Boom.

Desiree: I'm kind of annoyed that we didn't get the backstory about Jacob and his father on The Following! Any idea what's going on there?
It's your average tale of a son feeling like he's always letting his father down, really. "He grew up in this privileged family and went mental for a little bit and dropped out, which completely broke his dad's heart," Nico Tortorella explains. "I think Jacob was never really allowed to do what he wanted to do, so he went to this extreme of joining a cult to kind of go against everything. Coming from that background, that's like the worst possible thing you could do. That and being a bisexual!" So will we see more of his relationship with his parents? "It's never fully explained, but bits and pieces to come," he teases.

Alexis: Need more Mad Men scoop!
Remember Megan's fledgling acting career? As season six opens, it's going well enough that Don's latest wife gets recognized by a fan and asked for her autograph. She's  thrilled—at least until the fan makes a comment about her weight.

Stephen Amell, Arrow, Shirtless

Jack Rowand/The CW

Ali: Is Laurel's sister really alive on Arrow or is this whole thing a scam plot?
As if Laurel isn't dealing with enough emotional drama right now, Katie Cassidy seems skeptical herself! "How do we even know she's telling the truth? I mean, isn't that the first place you go?" she tells us. "She could be wrong or maybe she just has bad information. If Laurel's sister is alive, the girl's gonna have to take on a lot more! As an actor though, I love that stuff. More information, more stuff I can build on, I'm sure it'll be crazy, but so much fun." Fun for you, and fun for us viewers! Win-win. (Also a win: Any opportunity to use this shirtless picture of Stephen Amell.)

Elena: Any scoop on The Mindy Project's upcoming Pretty Woman episode?
Put the kids to bed 'cause this episode, which features a role reversal from the iconic film, is gonna get raunchy! "I'm, like, nervous about it! It's our most R-rated episode for sure," Mindy Kaling teases. "It's called 'Pretty Man' and I do a lot of stuff in it that I feel is very brave!"

Annabelle: Nashville scoop! Now that Deacon kissed Rayna in the elevator, are they actually gonna get together?
After Deacon said, "I'm done talkin' Rayna," he had us all in a swirl! So, straight from the mouth of that guitar playing hunk: "She had that coming, right?" Charles Esten teases. "I think it depends on all of your definitions. Like are we are gonna get together, will it ever be easy, will it ever be done, will it ever be happily ever after? That's going to be very tricky." So will it ever be public?! "I think so. I think somewhere down the road that will happen, but public doesn't mean easy. You see all the public relations in Nashville of all places, especially in country music. It's hard, maybe it's even harder in the public eye." Let's hope these two can stand the heat!

Hannah R.: I think you need to talk about Carrie Diaries  more.
And we think Michael Fassbender should do more nude scenes, but we can't always get what we want, can we? But in this case, you are getting what you want because we do have a Carrie Diaries spoiler for you: Someone will lose their virginity by the end of the season.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker, Shawna Malcom and Nicole Filla

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