Prince William

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Have no fear, chances are Prince William's near—usually, anyway. 

Reports claim the young royal and soon-to-be father helped bring yet another stranded person to safety, making him that much more lovable and—just hear us out here—quite possibly a superhero. 

Wills reportedly took part in the rescue of an elderly woman on the Isle of Man, per local media, though a royals source tell E! News this was not the case.

The report states that a rescue helicopter from the base in Anglesey, Wales, helped the coast guard evacuate the woman from heavy snow in the town of Cronk-y-Voddy at 1 p.m., and that the Duke of Cambridge was said to have been on board. But sources tell us that William wasn't working on Sunday, so it wasn't him.

However, Wills did become a hero for someone else. Daily Express reporter Richard Palmer tweeted today, "Prince William helped rescue six climbers in two missions in an hour tonight as snow caused havoc in Britain. See tomorrow's Daily Express."

This generous act will be added to Kate Middleton's hubby already saving Russians shipwrecked at sea, a couple of schoolgirls stranded off the Welsh coast and hikers who were reported missing in the mountains of Snowdonia (just to name a few).

Yeah, suddenly that superhero concept doesn't seem so silly, now does it?

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