THE FOLLOWING, Valorie Curry, Nico Tortorella

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"He's done crying. He's got blood on his hands and he's ready for more."

No more Mr. Nice Jacob (Nico Tortorella)! Fans of Fox's breakout hit The Following were left in shock (and possibly tears) last week when Jacob was forced to smother his BFF/lover Paul (Adan Canto), which actually was his first kill. Hey, who says your first time isn't memorable?!

We chatted with Tortorella about Jacob's darker turn, his relationship with Emma (Valorie Curry), who abandoned Jacob and Paul, and with cut leader Joe (James Purefoy), and what he thought when he found out who Jacob's first kill was.

"The two people he has loved the most in the world, one of them is dead and the other is out in the back. So he's definitely out for revenge," Tortorella says of what Jacob fans can expect to see in tonight's episode now that he's made his first kill and is back with Emma. 

"Their relationship definitely changes and it evolves into something different episode by episode," he says of Emma and Jacob's dynamic now that they've been reunited (and it doesn't feel so good). "I feel like Jacob has a little bit more of a heart than Emma does, but that changes constantly."

Though he's giving Emma the cold shoulder, Tortorella says Jacob is intent on becoming one of Joe Carroll's go-to minions.  "[Joe] recognizes that he's gone through this emotional journey at this point, and he's on my team now more than I think he's ever been," Tortorella says of Joe and Jacob's reunion. 

THE FOLLOWING, Nico Tortorella, Adan Canto, Valorie Curry


Of course, he isn't the only follower around, but Tortorella says Jacob is "intent" on working his way up the sociopath ladder. 

"He recognizes that there's a hierarchy within this whole system, but in the same point he's coming in and determined to be a devotee to Joe Carroll in every sense," Tortorella explains. "He wants to climb the ladder and he's got every ability and right to do so."

Of Jacob's first kill turning out to be Paul, Tortorella says, "It's definitely like the most unlike any other thing that happens on the show thus far, and it's kind of beautiful. The way that it was written, it just bled emotion, no pun intended, and it's a heart break to go see it."

So can fans expect to see Paul again in flashbacks? "This show lives just as much in flashbacks as it does in the present day, so he may be back."

The Following airs tonight at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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