Sweet Brown, Michelle Clark

Basically, the local news' sole purpose is providing fodder for auto-tuned YouTube videos. And maybe providing actual news, if there's time. But really, just giving the Internet stuff to laugh about mostly.

Cue, the latest viral star: Michelle Clark. Consider her the new Sweet "Ain't Nobody Got Time for That" Brown, if you will. Which means it's high time for a YouTube star smackdown!

In one corner: Michelle Clark, aka the Kabooyow Lady. Weighing in at...well, we don't know and it would be rude of us to guess. We do know this much: After a recent hail storm in Texas, she was interviewed and used the phrase doggone non-ironically and described the noise as "Kabooyow! Kabooyow!" hence her name.

In the other corner: Sweet Brown. Like Clark, she took off running, but not from hail. Oh no, Lord Jesus, Sweet Brown was running from fire! And as you surely know by now, she got bronchitis and ain't nobody got time for that. Since then, Brown has been the reigning queen of news clips, getting an amazing auto-tune and a shout-out from Beyoncé!

Viral News Showdown
Who's your favorite?
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