Michael Lohan, Mark Heller

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There was no love lost between Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael Lohan, and her attorney, Mark Heller, before today.

But after his daughter was sentenced to 90 days in locked rehab as part of a plea deal, Michael couldn't keep quiet in front of the cameras.

"Thankfully, this matter has come to a successful conclusion," Heller addressed the media after Monday's hearing, during which Lindsay admitted violating her probation and pleaded no contest to reckless driving and giving false information to a peace officer.

"I think justice has been served," the lawyer continued. "I think the prosecutors treated her fairly. I am very confident you won't see Lindsay Lohan in any criminal court any time in the future. She has recognized all the issues that need to be addressed. Lindsay Lohan is very happy with the end result."

But her dad? Not so much.

"Why are you still up here? I want to know—why are you still up here?!" Michael shouted at Heller as he moved to join him in the spotlight.

Lindsay Lohan, Mark Heller, Anthony Falangetti

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"Go home," the elder Lohan continued. "You have done enough damage. Leave my family alone and stay out of the press. You are a parasite! Heller, go home to New York!"

Michael Lohan had previously told E! News that he was trying to get another attorney to join Heller in the courtroom today, promising "a s--t show in court" if Heller didn't allow the other lawyer to join Lindsay's defense. (It's unclear whether Heller was ever aware of Michael's plan, but the lawyer in question did not aid in LiLo's defense today.)

Finally alone in front of the microphone, Michael told reporters that Lindsay "had no idea what was happening" and he said he'd be making a complaint to the New York State Bar Association "so this guy does not practice law anymore."

Michael did, however, agree with the decision to send his daughter to rehab. "I think Lindsay needs to go and deal with her issues."

Heller had moved aside and was trying to conduct an interview on the sidelines with other media outlets when Michael approached and said, "I'm a father, don't give me s--t!"

A deputy moved in closer to keep a lid on the situation.

As Heller was trying to get a word in edgewise, Deputy City Attorney Jenna Grisgby was busy telling reporters that the deal Lindsay took today was exactly the fair and standard deal they had been offering her all along.

"We believe it is fair," Grisby said "We believe she needs rehab."

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